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Welcome to NRI Centre. We have made an attempt here to furnish important features applicable to Non-Resident Indians (NRI) and People of Indian Origin having foreign nationality and residing in foreign countries. (PIO).

Before entering to technical part of the subject we wish you to know the concept of insurance clearly; to identify the proper type of policy; to know the premium structure of the policy and to get the doubts, if any, on our different insurance plans clarified through your agent or LIC Branch Office.

Concept of insurance and different types of plans:

Life risk cover i.e. financial protection to the family in case of an unforeseen event- say death, illness, disability on account of accident, etc –is the main purpose of insurance. But, it is also seen as a ‘compulsory savings’ leading to creation of wealth which can be utilized for education/marriage of children; for old age provision; for construction of house; etc. Policies are taken to get exemption from Income Tax and to assign these to financial institutions as collateral security while availing different type of credit facilities including housing loan. In order to meet various socio-economic needs of different people, LIC has designed more than 40 types of plans which include whole life policies, endowment policies with a definite term, joint life policies, money back policies having provision for periodical lump sum payments called survival benefits, term insurance policies which have low premium but high risk cover, pension plans, children plans, Unit Linked Plans which provide an opportunity to invest in capital market, etc. etc.

Each of our plans has distinct features covering certain type of benefits. The selection depends on your needs. Details of plans are available under the option ‘products-insurance plans’. Each plan is given a table number for identification purpose. e.g. Table 14 refers to Endowment Plan which is most popular in India.

Calculations of premium:

Once short listing of two to three plans is made, you would proceed to know the premium rates & calculations. For this, you should decide the term of policy, Sum assured, Mode of payment of Premium ( Yearly, Half yearly, Quarterly or Monthly ) and whether you require additional benefits like accident benefit. You may go to the option :‘tools - premium calculator’ for knowing the premium amount to be paid for the policy of your choice. Thereafter, you would be required to know the formalities to be completed for obtaining the desired type of policy.

Requirements to take a policy of insurance:

Submission of prescribed proposal form ( Form No. 300 in majority of the cases )is the basic requirement. Medical report may be required to assess the health of the proposer. Proofs of age and income, agent’s recommendations, special reports in case of any deformity or history of major illness, etc. would be required to evaluate the risk. This process is called ‘Underwriting’ and it is done in India based on the facts appearing in proposal form and allied papers. If the proposed life is acceptable and sufficient amount is received towards the First Premium, acceptance letter would be sent to the proposer and policy bond would be issued in due course.

By this time, you might have felt that matter is rather technical and assistance/guidance of an agent is quite essential. Yes, that is why  we strongly recommend to seek help of an agent from India who can guide and assist you. You may seek help of any Divisional/Branch Office of LIC whose addresses you can find from the option: ‘locator’ appearing on main page. Now , let us enter in to the subject with more details.

NRI Insurance - Investment .

This section has been specifically developed to acquaint NRIs with the process of obtaining insurance coverage from Indian insurance companies.

If are you a Non-Resident Indian and interested to take an insurance policy for yourself, your spouse or your parents and you didn't know how to go about it, then you are at the right place.

Further, you can delve through an exhaustive FAQs section to get answers for the latent doubts you may have.

We also entertain proposals for Life Insurance in Rupee currency from persons of Indian origin who have acquired foreign nationality.

Who is NRI ?
A Non-Resident Indian is a citizen of India (holding a valid passport of Govt. of India) temporarily residing in the country of his/her present residence. He/she should not have applied or planning to apply in the near future for acquiring citizenship of his/her present country of residence or any other country.

Whether Green card holders and foreign Nationals of Indian origin are treated as NRI?
No, Green card holders and foreign Nationals of Indian origin are not treated as NRIs for the purpose of allowing Insurance. They are treated as Foreigners and the underwriting rules as those prescribed for foreigners will be applicable.

In which currency the Insurance will be allowed ?
The NRIs will be allowed insurance policies in Indian Rupee Currency only.

When NRIs can be allowed insurance?
The NRIs can be allowed insurance policies

a) on their visit to India. All the formalities of proposal completion, medical examination reports/Special reports and Moral hazard report are required to be completed during their stay in India.
b) from their present country of residence through Mail Order Business. All the formalities of proposal completion, obtaining medical & special reports etc are to be completed in the present country of residence.

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