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Life Insurance India: We are Affordable as an Efficient Life Insurance Corporation of India's authorised insurance agents in Chennai. Contact us for LIC Policies, Investment plans, lic NRI, LIC adviser, consultation in Chennai.
We are here to help you to choose the right LIC policy for your needs. This way you can save your valuable time and hard earned money
I assure you people that I can help you with the best LIC Policy according to your need. Anywhere chennai Contact- located in around Chennai 9940240384. We are a that helps you to make the best Life insurance decisions.

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How you find lic policy status?
You have to register your policy with LIC website customer portal and get unmatched benefits; You can get status report of policy including Bonus accrual You can get Revival quotation if the policy is lapsed. You can pay premium You can pay
How can i get my LIC(India) policy details online ?How can i search my lic details? find details with lic policy no ...?
How to login to LIC, to know my my LIC policy details kindly tel...?
How do you view my lic policy account details?
how to check LIC policy details online
Check LIC of India Nav/Policy status online
Ans: Complete guide on how to access LIC account online, view status details and Pay
premiums online easily and manage LIC policies online. Maturity details
 Visit official website of LIC - . Remember there is no other portal for customer services.
 Create an account with user name & password
 Register you policy online. for this you required 9 digit policy number along the exact premium of the polcy.
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Which is the best lic policy?
Which policy of the LIC is good enough to invest in??

how can one save income tax ?give few tax saving investment plans?

I am 27 years old. I am looking for a policy that gives me tax benefit as well as life coverage. Which is the best policy from LI

I am thinking to take LIC policy which is best policy and whom shall i contact in city ?

My daughter, she is ….year old. Already I have take  lic policy from Lic. I need to take one more plan for her. Suggest me best child plan for her?

 Insurance is best way for child...If you want to take policy from LIC then you take KOMAL JEEVAN. Because this is best policy for children LIC agent for the best way to get the plan for your child.

I want to buy a LIC policy for my son who is 9 years old. Which policy is te most suitable for him?

Jeevan Kishor & Komal Jeevan are the best options.

Please let me know the best lic policy in india?

How to pay LIC Premium online?  You will be able to pay Lic premiums online through credit cards and banks.

: Online Payment Gateway is LIC’s initiative to provide on demand premium collection service within a few clicks! The payment gateway (PG) initiative is an important component of the offer. It provides for real-time payment of renewal premium-dues through the portal. This functionality is available only to registered customers who have enrolled their policies on LIC’s website -
Benefit: This is a simple process with one time enrollment of the policies, Premium can be paid anytime and anywhere. Most convenient method of payment if the policy holder is out of country, valid premium receipt is received instantly,
What are the benefits of paying your LIC premiums through net-banking/phone-banking?
Can decide and authorize payments 24hrs a day * 7days a week because of anywhere & anytime access to internet.
Can make premium payment within the comforts of your home or office, and avoid personal visit to LIC branch , Will save time by not waiting in queues for making the payment. Can avail the free service from LIC, as you don’t have to pay any charges to LIC or its authorized agencies for this additional benefit.

How much return i will get from jeevan saral?
Should I go for LIC's Jeevan Saral policy?
Should I go for LIC's Jeevan Anand policy?
Should I go for LIC's Children policy?
Should I go for LIC's Pension policy?

How to Select an Insurance Agent and Have a Relationship With Your Insurance Agent

Ask your friends and family who services their insurance needs and solicit recommendations from them. They will tell you who they like as well as agents to avoid, if they had bad experiences in the past.
Choose other agencies from the phone book or an Internet search, if you desire more options or do not have local friends and family from whom to get references.
Schedule meetings with prospective agents at their offices. This will allow you to see the office environment and evaluate the staff's level of job satisfaction and knowledge.
Ask lots of questions during the interview with each agent. This is your biggest chance to allay your fears about doing business with this person. Some common questions to include are: How long have you been in the industry? What insurers do you represent? Do you have a valid errors and omissions insurance policy? When is your office open? Can I reach you after hours in an emergency? Do you offer annual or periodic reviews of my policies to ensure I remain adequately protected? May I contact some of your clients for references?
Choose an agent from your interviews who particularly impresses you and with whom you feel comfortable doing business. This can potentially be a life-long business relationship.
How to Find the Best Insurance Agent for You
Choose experienced agents over amateurs. Those that choose an insurance agent with years of experience usually receives better customer service. Moreover, the agent tend to possess professionalism, dependability and integrity always
Research. Potential policyholders should always research and compare insurance quotes, before talking with insurance agents. This will help prevent rip-offs and promote competition between insurance agents for your business
A trustworthy agent should advise you to seek the advice of an independent financial planner before purchasing any policy

Find out if and how your insurance agent reminds you when premiums are due. A good agent mails out friendly reminders or has his staff make phone calls to his clients.

Buy Insurance Questions and Answers
To know the current cash value of your Lic ULIP policy
Life Insurance - The Basic Things You Need to Understand
But did you know that buying this type of insurance is very easy and simple if you are aware of the appropriate mechanisms? However, before deciding to buy a policy, it is imperative to know which type of insurance we really need. Keep in mind that the right choice for safe buying New Lic policy in Chennai. is free, easy, quick and safe. The right choice for you. On buying New Lic policy find the best deals and offers.

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